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Cedar Grove
Lutheran Church

"As disciples of Jesus Christ, we
   receive, embrace, grow and share"

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  Sunday School  9:30 AM   

Worship 10:30 AM


We're glad you're here! 

At Cedar Grove Lutheran Church, we acknowledge that our rich history and traditions provide a solid faith foundation that is scripturally sound and people-centered. We also know that the world is changing rapidly; to answer God's call as God's people, we too must change -- not in our core beliefs or in what makes us uniquely Cedar Grovian but in the ways we approach others. Our present goal is to bridge our past and our future in ways that are sustainable, relevant, gospel-aligned and true to our mission.

While we acknowledge the importance of our church building, ministries and processes, we know that the church is the people. Consequently, we long to meet people -- like you! -- where you are and nurture your faith so that your spiritual journey may be meaningful and validated. We choose to see, hear, invite and engage all people without judgment. We admit that we will sometimes fail, but we hope to fail forward by learning from our mistakes and striving to be examples of Christ in the world.

Again, welcome to our community where, because of God's grace, we believe that we -- and you -- are all of these things:

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The link below is our YouTube page, where we host both the live-stream and archived worship services.

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