About the year 1850 a great revival swept the area of Salem Church (discontinued) in Lexington County.  All of the members did not approve of the method of worship accompanying this period of revival, and a division in the congregation arose, finally causing a split in the congregation in 1852.  Each group, one organizing as Cedar Grove, though divided, continued to use the same building for about four years.

  The first meeting of the Cedar Grove element was held in January of 1852 and a roll of members made.  The new congregation was organized in late July of 1852 with the Rev. Daniel Drafts as Pastor.  A resolution by the Church Council on July 17, 1852, requested that the congregation be admitted to the Tennessee Synod.  A Synod was organized in 1922 for South Carolina and Cedar Grove was a Charter member.       

   The first church building was located where the present sanctuary now stands and was erected in 1856 and dedicated the following year.  The first communion service was held in November of 1857.  This building was destroyed by fire in 1865.

   A bush arbor was anchored to a large tree and services were held there until a new building could be completed in 1866.  In 1924 the congregation decided to erect a new building. Construction on the existing building began in 1926 and the first service, a funeral, was held in the new building on September 22, 1927, even though the building was not completed.  The new sanctuary was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1932, this being the very date the first building was dedicated seventy-three years earlier.

   Cedar Grove was in a parish with St. James, Summit, until 1948 when both congregations became self-supporting.  The parsonage that was shared by the two churches was sold and Cedar Grove erected a new parsonage next to the church that same year.

  Cedar Grove is one of the largest, if not the largest, congregation in the Western District.  To accommodate the needs of its members, an educational building was planned and completed between 1970 and 1972. The building was dedicated in 1977 to the Rev. Miles T. Cullum who began his ministry at Cedar Grove in 1959 and retired in 1977.

  Cedar Grove has purchased additional property across the road in front of the church for expansion in the future, if needed.  A new Carillon System has been installed and numerous building improvements made to the facilities.  A large renovation was made to the Miles T. Cullum Building in 1999-2000.

  A new roof was installed, plaster repaired and the interior of the sanctuary was painted in 2011.  This was a much needed project and greatly enhanced our sanctuary. Cedar Grove Lutheran Church was also put on the National Historic Register in 2011 to the delight of many members.

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