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Where We've Been

Cedar Grove has a long and rich history in our community.


Originating as Salem Lutheran Church in 1792, Cedar Grove began as a wood-frame building located on nearby Devil's Backbone Road. A new wood-frame building was established on the current site in 1857, but fire destroyed the building in 1865. A third, larger wooden structure served the congregation until the 1920s, when the church lobbied for a modern, brick facility. The present structure, a Late Gothic revival building, was erected in 1926-27 and was architecturally inspired by notable North Carolina architect Louis H. Asbury. The Fellowship Hall was added in 1973 and was substantially renovated in 1999. In 2010, our church was formally added to the National Register of Historic Places. Currently, we are working to restore the integrity of our building with an extensive brick-and-mortar project. 

To learn more about Cedar Grove's past, check out our submission for the National Register of Historic Places here.

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cedar grove lutheran church S10817732058
cedar grove lutheran church S10817732058

Many of our families have been in the area for generations and can trace their religious ancestry to Cedar Grove. We also have quite a few history buffs among us who have done some extensive research on the people who have influenced our church over the years. To learn more, check out Mr. J. Ansel Caughman's comprehensive history below. 

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